Saint-Leonard Electoral Geography

The Saint-Leonard electoral profile is divided into two (2) electoral districts.

A division based on the socio-economic maps and profiles of the population in Saint-Leonard provided by the latest Statistics Canada five-year census. 

Saint-Leonard Electoral Geography

Saint-Leonard Electoral Map 550x367

Electoral Maps of Saint-Leonard

Two (2) polling subdivisions maps are available, one for each of the two (2) electoral districts of the Saint-Leonard borough.

Electoral Votes in Saint-Leonard

On November 5, 2017, you will be voting for the following four (4) elective offices.

  • The mayor of the city of Montreal.
  • Your borough mayor.
  • The city councillor of your electoral district.
  • The borough councillor of your electoral district.

Electoral's Manual

Electoral Total Members in Saint-Leonard

The Borough Council of  Saint-Leonard is composed of five (5) elected officials.

  • One (1) borough mayor who is also a city councillor.
  • Two (2) city councillors, one for each of the twp (2) electoral districts.
  • Two (2) borough councillors, one for each of the two (2) electoral districts of the Saint-Leonard borough.

The role of your borough council comprises many duties and responsibilities including those related to your borough.

  • Culture
  • Financial management
  • Fire prevention
  • Housing
  • Human resources
  • Non-taxation fees
  • Parks
  • Recreation
  • Roads
  • Social and community development
  • Urban planning
  • Waste collection

Electoral Profiles of Saint-Leonard

Saint-Leonard Ouest

Saint-Leonard Est

Electoral Geography of Saint-Leonard by Rachel Louise Barry