Westmount Photos Gallery

From 1895 to 1908, the City of Westmount saw its greatest period of growth. Ambitious civic projects were undertaken and much of the framework of the present status of the City was established. 

The City of Westmount is located over the western slopes of the Mount Royal. The City  offers an  abundance of trees and carefully tended private lawns and gardens. The City also offers many parks, many playgrounds and a sustainable urban forest.

Léo Malbeuf Photos Gallery

In 2012, and because of the historical importance of the City, the Canadian Federal Government declared the City of Westmount as part of our Canadian Heritage. 

By doing so, Canada Parks acknowledged the architectural integrity and diversity of Ville de Westmount as well as the perfect preservation of the wealthy suburb that prevailed during the Victorian era.

Westmount Photos Gallery by Léo Malbeuf

Westmount Photos Gallery  by Rachel Louise Barry - September 2015