Montreal Basic Geography

Montreal basic geography is about the distinctive character of a French Canadian expression, accompanied by the typical institutions of an anglophone minority both part of the City of Montreal and of the Island of Montreal.

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City of Montreal

When we refer to the City of Montreal, we refer to a City divided into 19 boroughs and located on the Island of Montreal. A location on the St-Lawrence River that proved to be a major advantage in the development of the transportation, manufacturing and financial sectors of our City.

The mayor of Montreal who is also the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough, 18 Borough Mayors, 46 City Councillors and 38 Borough Councillors each represent both the City of Montreal, its 19 boroughs and the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal.

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Boroughs of the City of Montreal

Montreal Boroughs

When we refer to the Montreal Boroughs, we refer to the 19 boroughs of the City of Montreal and to each of their respective municipal electoral districts and borough mayors. 

Each borough also has its own Borough Council and a total of 38 Borough Councillors who sit on their respective Borough Council only.

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Cities of the Island of Montreal

Montreal Cities

When we refer to the Montreal Cities, we refer to 13 Cities, one Village and one Island, all located on the Island of Montreal

15 reconstituted cities that chose not to remain incorporated in the City of Montreal and a complex organizational structure called the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal that politically administers the Island of Montreal.

a total of 31 elected officials. The mayor of Montreal, 15 members of the Montreal City Council, 14 mayors of the reconstituted Montreal cities and one additional representative selected by the mayor of the City of Dollard-Des-Ormeaux.

The Agglomeration Council of the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal has the power to adopt municipal by-laws, authorize expenses and impose taxes on the entire Island of Montreal.

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Island of Montreal

Island of Montreal

When we refer to the Island of Montreal, we refer to the 16 municipalities, the City of Montreal and the 15 reconstituted cities.

We also refer to a range of services provided by the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal, governed by the Agglomeration Council and headed by the mayor of the City of Montreal.

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Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC)

Montreal Metropolitan Community

When we refer to the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) also called Greater Montreal , we refer to the 82 municipalities of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) and to its strategic functions that include planning, coordinating and financing the strategies related to the development of our metropolitan community. 

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Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)

Census Metropolitan Area

When we refer to the Montreal Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), we refer to the City of Montreal and to the 91 adjacent municipalities of the Région Métropolitaine de Recensement de Montréal (RMR).

A census metropolitan area that, according to Statistics Canada "is formed by one or more adjacent municipalities centered on a population center known as the core". 

Montreal  Basic Geography  by  Rachel  Louise  Barry