A-C Church Landscape

An A-C Church landscape, A-C for Ahuntsic-Cartierville about part of our beautiful church architecture and some of the splendid church building designs that ornate the A-C borough. 

A local religious culture with historical values, an architectural heritage worth mentining and a religious portrait that is now changing.

In Ahuntsic-Cartierville, the A-C church landscape is mostly related to the Christian religious affiliations,  the Catholic religion being the most important followed by other Christian religions such as the Protestant religion and then by the Islam religion and Buddhism.

In Montreal, the most popular religions are still the Christian religions divided into groups or branches that share similar religious beliefs such as the Catholic religion, the Anglican and the Baptist religions.  

Also in Montreal, the Catholic religion, one of the main Christian religions, is the most important, followed by no religion at all, than followed by Muslims, Jews and Protestants. 

More Montrealers belong to minority faiths, attendance to religious services is dropping and the number of people with no religious affiliation is rising. 

Our parishes are abolished or merged, our churches are leased, sold or shared with other churches and our religious behavior are now more private than public.

Montreal is home to about 240 evangelical churches, 200 Catholic churches, less than a hundred mosques and less than a hundred synagogues.

An Evangelical church or any of the Protestant churches are religions that consider the Scripture as the sole basis for faith.

Also essentials are the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, active evangelism, commitments to Christ and  personal conversion experiences.

The Roman Catholic church is organized in a 3 tier hierarchy, the Pope, the bishops in their dioceses, the priests in their parishes and the catholics. 

The Roman Catholic Church is the social institution that exercised the greatest influence and had the most impact on Montrealers.

Today however, our society is secularized and Church influence has decreased.

A mosque is the Muslim gathering place for prayer and for worshiping God. 

Every mosque has a niche in the wall that indicates the direction of the Mecca, the direction towards which Muslims must pray. 0ther common features include mirarets and tall towers.

A synagogue is a building and a Jewish place of worship, also used as a place to study and as a community center. Synagogue services can be led by a rabbi who caters the religious needs of a community, a contor, a jewish prayer leader or a member of the congretation.

A Photos Gallery of the A-C Church Landscape